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WE SELL FURNITURE. But it's bigger than that!

As a small interior design firm, located in the DC metro region, we (DDLLC) noticed that we were not able to manage every project that came our way. 


So, in an effort to service more families in our community, and to contribute in a larger capacity, House of DuVäl was born. 


We resolved to curate a collection of products that we adore and regularly source, onto one easy-to-navigate site. In addition, we selected pieces that are often admired in our design portfolio and on our social media. 


This site is dedicated to quality products, with style and great value, from vendors we truly love and support. By purchasing from our site, we are helping to keep our partnerships with the top furniture manufacturers in the U.S. Not only does this support local economies but also multitudes of small businesses, which is a huge honor for us!


All-in-all, we're just looking to give back–both to our amazing community and to our amazing partners. 


We know that we have access to quality products at prices not every vendor is offering. We have the contacts. We have the access. We have the knowledge. So, this is our way to make great design more accessible to all.

Welcome to our community! 

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Come see how we shop!

Our goal is to work with trusted vendors we know and support. We then hand-select pieces from their collections that offer the most value for our community. 
Below is a short clip on how this process works...

What we stand for...


We have hand-selected every item that you will find on this website. We have personally seen, touched, sat on, laid on, crawled on, nearly every piece that has made it into this collection. We have visited manufacturing plants, showrooms, had private tours, met with owners and reps, and have carefully decided our partnerships. And we do not take those lightly.

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Our style and aesthetic centers around foundational pieces capable of transforming within all design genres. We make selections based on the ease of transition and flexibility. There are a number of other companies that offer grander creative expressions. Our approach is more subtle but no less sophisticated.


Our passion is to offer highest quality products for the most-affordable prices. This is what we deem as value. Each carefully-selected piece has been reviewed and surveyed and we have reached the decision that they are House of DuVäl worthy! 


Want to know more...

We are a small, family-owned business looking to offer quality pieces at affordable prices. We know our vendors, we stand by our products, and we feel confident that we have sourced the best products for the prices you see. 

If you're interested in knowing more, shoot us an email. Our ears are always open to feedback, to advice, and definitely to any suggestions you may want to offer.

Thanks for getting to know us a little better! We hope you like our collections, or service, and our community. We are grateful to have individuals like you who care enough about our company to read this far. Please know that this is the same approach we take when selecting our leading affiliates. 

I guess, great minds DO think alike. 

Hope to see you here again very soon! 




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