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Our E-Design Process

H O W   I T   W O R K S


To begin any project, we must first gather as much information as possible. Each potential client is required to complete a questionnaire to be considered for any E-Design Package.

P R E P   W O R K

Accepted clients will be given detailed instructions on how to provide images, existing room dimensions, and obstacles that may be encountered. This detailed information will be the bases for all successful designs. 

D E S I G N   P H A S E

Our team of designers will create as-is plans, confirming provided dimensions, create color schemes, collect inspirational images, ideas, solutions, and design impacts. 

F I N A L   P L A N

A comprehensive design plan will be submitted to client containing all final design proposals, source materials, links for purchase, along with installation and styling guidelines. 

Our Packages

W H A T   W O R K S   B E S T

Here are three (3) ways that we offer e-design: If you are an avid home-shopper and you know your way around sites, orders, and installations, then our Shopping Partner package may be your best fit. Sometimes you just need someone to validate your decisions or to point you in the right direction! This is our most economical package. Our modest hourly rate can be absorbed by the allowances you can save with our access to trade discounts.

Additionally, if you know your way around home design but you're struggling to get the right layout, then our 
Master Plan will be the best fit!
Whether it's a remodel, a bathroom/kitchen renovation, or a simple furniture layout, our team is here to offer solutions to your conundrum.
We will begin with a 15-Min Complimentary Discovery Call to determine whether or not this is a good fit, prior to order.

For those needing more assistance, but are not quite ready for full-service interior design, then our 
Full E-Design Service is just what you're looking for!
Get access to educated designers trained to comprehend space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern. The balance of these elements are used to create the beautiful spaces you deserve!


Shopping Partner

15-Min Discovery Call

Zoom Meeting w/ Shared Screen

Online Shopping Together

Suggested Design Concepts

Referral Partners Offered

10% Discount on HOD orders

Design Questions Answered!


Master Plan

15-Min Discovery Call

Measurement Prep

Creation of Existing Floor Plans

Spatial Planning

Proposed Re-Design

Proposed Lighting+Electrical Plans

Single Revision

Complete Dimensions 

Notes / Labeling


starting at   $1,500 per project

Full E-Design Service

30-Min Discovery Call

Feasbility Study

Virtual Design Consultation

Floor Plan + Furniture Layout

Elevations (as needed)

Paint Scheme

Design Concept Board

Product Samples

Clickable Product Shopping List

Links to Installation Guidelines

Links to Styling Guidelines

3D Visual Rendering (single view)

$3,250 per room


all fees are nonrefundable

all fees are nonrefundable

all fees are nonrefundable

We look forward to working with you!




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